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Perdomo Reserve 3-String Diddley Bow

Perdomo Reserve 3-String Diddley Bow

SKU: 2024 CBG30

Introducing the Perdomo Reserve 3-String Diddley Bow, a unique and versatile addition to your cigar box guitar collection. Handcrafted, this diddley bow features a beautifully crafted wooden neck and a resonant cigar box body, producing a rich and authentic sound. With three strings, this instrument allows for easy playability and experimentation, perfect for both beginner and experienced musicians. Whether you're a blues aficionado or just looking to add a distinctive sound to your repertoire, the Perdomo Reserve 3-String Diddley Bow is sure to impress. Add this expertly crafted instrument to your collection and experience the raw and powerful sound of the cigar box guitar tradition. 6 Point single coil pickup. Tuned to GDG with string gauge .16 .12 and .09. Bridge to bridge 56cm.

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    Not happy with your instrument. Simply return to Chisel Monkey for a full refund

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    Price includes 1st Class Postage with Royal Mail to UK customers. International Postage clarified on request.

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