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Cuatro Cinco 3 String Diddley Bow

Cuatro Cinco 3 String Diddley Bow

SKU: 2024 3SDB13

Introducing the Cuatro Cinco 3 String Diddley Bow, a unique and stylish addition to any guitarist's collection. This handcrafted instrument features a solid wood body and a 3-string setup, creating a truly distinct sound that sets it apart from traditional guitars. The Cuatro Cinco Diddley Bow is perfect for musicians looking to experiment with new tones and textures, allowing for a raw and gritty sound that's perfect for blues, rock, and experimental music. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel or impromptu jam sessions, and its high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity. Take your playing to the next level with the Cuatro Cinco 3 String Diddley Bow and experience a whole new world of possibilities. Single Internal Piezo pickup. Tuned to GDG with string gauge .44 .32 and .22. Bridge to bridge 56cm.

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    Price includes 1st Class Postage with Royal Mail to UK customers. International Postage clarified on request.

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